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Camp 3 - 7,470m

13 May 2011

Twenty-two climbers along with support staff after acclimatization in Camp 2 – 6,500m above sea level, have now reached Camp 3 – 7,470 meters above sea level to collect refuse from the mountain. The details of the refuse collected will be known as they return to Everest Base Camp, where they will weigh the total collected garbage. The team will climb up to the South Summit 8,750m to collect the rubbish.  

Before starting their expedition from the base camp, the Saving Mount Everest Clean-up expedition performed puja in the Everest Base Camp. Puja is performed to invite blessings for a safe and successful expedition. Puja is performed by a lama chanting and praying, burning juniper and incense, unrolling the prayer flags, and throwing the rice and tsampa (barley flour) as offerings.

We also extend our best wishes and pray for the team’s success.

Blog by: Neelima Shrestha, PR Consultant Saving Mount Everest Project

Pictures courtesy: Everest Summiteers Association Nepal


Puja in Everest Base Camp Before Expedition
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