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Team reaches South Col (7,920m) and South Summit (8,750m) – approx. 5 tons Garbage Collected

21 May 2011

As per the latest updates from the Saving Mount Everest Project Clean-up expedition team, the team has collected approximately five tons of garbage abandoned by trekkers and mountaineers on the trekking trail and Mount Everest itself. The team recently collected garbage from the elevation as high as South Col (7,920m) and South Summit (8,750m). The collected garbage includes abandoned oxygen cylinders, old tents and ropes among others. The team is progressively collecting the garbage amidst the harsh weather conditions. According to the weather network, it has been snowing in Everest Base Camp and above and the temperature falls below -30 Degrees Celsius at night. The garbage on the mountain has been covered by snow after the snow fall making the collection difficult. Hence, the expedition team has moved down to base camp for a few days. The team members will climb again in a day or two as the snow starts melting.


Blog by Neelima Shrestha, PR Consultant, Saving Mount Everest Project

Photo Courtesy: Everest Summiteers’ Association Nepal

Clean-up expedition team members from ESA collecting the abandoned oxygen cylinders and cans
Abandoned oxygen cylinders collected by the team
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