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Countdown begins for the Everest Clean-up Expedition

Preparations for the Everest Clean-up expedition are underway. The Everest Summiteers’ Association is providing orientations to the climbers and support staff; necessary equipment and supplies are being purchased for the expedition.

Team of waste management experts from Nepal and Austria are scheduled to leave for Lukla on 13 April 2011 and will start their on site research. Similarly, Swedish photographer and adventurer Mr. Martin Edstörm is set to leave for Nepal for photographic documentation and documentary of the project. Prof. Kurt Luger, Chairperson of EcoHimal and Mr. Tommy Gustafsson, CEO, Steve Perryman Sport Travel AB of Sweden will also arrive in Nepal on/before 17 April to join the expedition.

At the local level, Eco Himal Nepal did a presentation about the project to Solu Khumbu District Council, the local government body in March 2011. The project has received a very good response and the council approves the project, which is required by local government and Social Welfare Council. No project can be implemented on the ground until the cleanup campaign begins. Thus, this is yet another crucial step towards achieving the project goal.

We are extremely happy to receive positive response from the supporters and well wishers worldwide.

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